Eai 👋
I am Arthur Fiorette

Hello! My name is Arthur. I am working with web and server-side development since mid 2018. I really enjoy the open source community and I'm always looking for new projects to contribute!

Everything started with me trying to code some Minecraft Plugins. Today, I've developed entire SaaS applications, from side-projects to enterprise ones.

I always liked to code new challenges and libraries, so it would be awesome if you look at some projects that I'm hosting on Github.

In case you are interested, you also can...

I'm still a programmer, not a writer, but I like to write useful, random and tricky stuff that I'd like the development community to know about.

If you like to know specific things that will make you a better programmer, here's a preview of the last 3 posts I wrote:

  1. ~8 min read.

    The consequences of using State over Cache and its impact on data consistency.

    A guide to work with Cache over State for remote data management
    Arthur Fiorette
    • architecture
    • design pattern
  2. ~6 min read.

    How Return Await can slow down your code

    Awaiting a promise before returning it slows down your code.
    Arthur Fiorette
    • performance
    • javascript

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