Arthur Fileti Fiorette

Fullstack Software Developer
Espirito Santo, Brazil.

👤 About

I am working with web and server-side development since mid 2018. I really enjoy the open source community and I'm always looking for new projects to contribute!

I'm in the tech industry for a while now, and have worked with a lot of different technologies. But that's not enough, I'm prepared to learn your new technologies and help build the future!

Reach me at to talk about anything! I love to work in a team, but I also do some freelancing and contracting.

💼 Work Experience

Kasco R&D Technologies

Software Engineer

I joined a team of developers to build a feed manager for large cattle farms. There, I worked with a React frontend and, mainly, on the backend in NodeJs and Typescript.

Our team are improving the development process with many automation and code generation tools. I applied OpenAPI to the backend, PrismaJS to interact with mongodb instances, multi-site deployments and a parallel architecture with worker threads to improve performance.

E&L Sistemas

Software Developer

I wrote a full stack application that monitors COVID-19 vaccines's temperatures. Written with Spring Boot, React, Typescript, Socket.IO and PostgreSQL.

Also, we built another full stack application written in NestJS, Nuxt and PostgreSQL that monitors, watches and keeps control over multiple car fleets.

By writing many selenium interface and unit tests for their internal services and applications, all services were integrated with a Jenkins pipeline to safely automate deployments.

🏫 Education

Harvard through edX

CS50X Computer Science

Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo

Udemy Courses

🤹‍♂️ Skills


Portuguese (Native) and English (Fluent).

Programming Languages

Javascript, Typescript, Java, Rust, Html, Css and Sass.


Nginx, Postgres, Redis, Docker & Compose, Github Actions and Gitlab CI.


VSCode, EclipseIDE, Windows, Linux, WSL, Github and Gitlab.

And many more...

Contact me to learn more about my skills!