Arthur Fileti Fiorette

Fullstack Software Developer
Espirito Santo, Brazil.

👤 About

I am working with web and server-side development since mid 2018. I really enjoy the open source community and I'm always looking for new projects to contribute!

I'm in the tech industry for a while now, and have worked with a lot of different technologies.

Reach me at to talk about anything! I love to work in a team, but I also do some freelancing and contracting.

💼 Work Experience

Kasco R&D Technologies

Full Stack Developer

I joined a team of developers to build a feed manager for large cattle farms. There, I worked with a React frontend and, mainly, on the backend in NodeJs and Typescript.

I improved the development process with many automation and code generation tools. I applied OpenAPI to the backend, PrismaJS for integration with mongodb instances multi-site deployments and a parallel architecture with worker threads to improve performance.

E&L Sistemas

Web Developer
~13 Months

I managed a full stack application that monitors COVID-19 vaccines's temperatures. That I wrote with Spring Boot, React, Typescript, Socket.IO and PostgreSQL.

I helped develop another full stack application written in NestJS, Nuxt and PostgreSQL that monitors, watches and keeps control over multiple car fleets.

I also added interface and unit tests for many internal services and applications using selenium, all integrated with a Jenkins pipeline to safely automate all deployments.

🏫 Education

Harvard through edX

CS50X Computer Science

Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo

Udemy Courses

🤹‍♂️ Skills


Portuguese (Native) and English (Fluent).

Programming Languages

Javascript, Typescript, Java, Rust, Html, Css and Sass.


Nginx, Postgres, Redis, Docker & Compose, Github Actions and Gitlab CI.


VSCode, EclipseIDE, Windows, Linux, WSL, Github and Gitlab.

And many more...

Contact me to learn more about my skills!