Software Architect

Arthur Fileti Fiorette

+55 28 9 99772770 |
December 2023

I have been developing software since 2018 professionally and doing open source since 2020. Passing through Financial, ERP and Government companies. Within all those years, I have developed and architected different high performance and scalable applications written in numerous languages.

I am a full-stack developer with a strong focus on the backend. I have experience with multiple programming languages, frameworks and databases.


  • 2020-2022

    Technical in Management and Administration of Companies

    IFES - Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo
  • 2023-today

    Graduate in Strategic Planning and Analysis Systems Development

    IFSC - Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina


  • Apr 2022
    Full time

    Software Engineer @ Kasco R&D - Campinas, Brazil

    As a Software Engineer in the R&D team, my main goals are to develop and maintain the backend side of a feed management system for large cattle farms. There we had to use various technologies to achieve the best user experience to low tech farmers and performance to handle millions of forecasts and calculations.

    Built and architected the backend to use Fastify, NodeJS, Typescript, Open API, Postgres and Kita - a open source framework which I'm the creator of it. All interfaces were built using React, Typescript, Material UI and code generation to ensure type safety.

  • Jan 2021
    Apr 2022
    Full time

    Software Developer @ E&L Sistemas - Domingos Martins, Brazil

    During my time at E&L, I built and participated in multiple projects, including leading the development of a Covid-19 vaccine temperature monitoring web application for the Espirito Santo state, A tracking application for fleet vehicles used by many private companies and automated their internal deployment system for their leading sale product, which reduced deployment from a day to a couple of minutes and avoided numerous problems by creating automated tests against their services.

    A lot of technologies were used during my time there, including React, Typescript, NodeJS, Postgres, Nest, Nuxt, Web Sockets, Spring Boot and Jenkins. Also I had to be a great team player, as I had to work with various internal teams and projects.

Open Source

Despite my work, family and hobbies, I always try to find time to contribute to open source, as I acknowledge its importance to the world. Thankfully, I have been able to contribute and maintain many projects out there and as of today they go beyond a million monthly downloads only on npm packages I authored and keep maintaining to this day.

Apart from that, I've contributed to many open source projects and organizations, including Vercel, Fastify, Prisma, Axios and others. You can find more about my open source contributions on